To Run, Or Not to Run?

One thing that is needed to keep running: motivation! That can be so hard sometimes with so many excuses that everyone (including me) can come up with. It’s always “I can’t find the time to run in the day-I’m too busy,” or “I can’t go without caffeine or else I will have a serious migraine.” Although these statements may be true, we can always make time – even if that means getting up a little bit earlier. That’s why they invented coffee! And yes, I just said the excuse about caffeine, but some things are fine in moderation. With the amazing help from Pinterest, I have found some pretty great tips to help keep you motivated throughout the day.

I have been looking for a half-marathon training plan to follow, and I have been comparing all of the different kinds they have on the web. There are some that run four times a week and some that run three times. I personally like running three times a week, because that is what I have normally done in my weekly workouts. To stay on top of my training schedule, posting my training plan somewhere in my room, like on my bulletin board, will keep me motivated and make sure I follow it weekly.


Probably one of the most important parts of running and training to run is drinking enough water. I never took this part seriously, until about a month or two when I started getting into longer distances. I didn’t think drinking enough water would make a difference on anything. Well, needless to say now I am a true advocate for drinking plenty of water. I have seen a big improvement in my skin, which usually breaks out at least once a month. Everyone asks how much water is enough? So I began my research for how much to drink and found out the eight glasses a day hasn’t been the best tip for how much to drink. How much to drink depends on how active you are daily, so I try to drink anywhere from 60 to 80 ounces a day, which is about 8-10 glasses a day. A good motivator for drinking enough water is take a water bottle with you that has certain times to drink a certain amount of water throughout the day like this one below:


I hope these tips keep you motivated and keep running!


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