Where Do I Start?

With the mention of tips to stay motivated in my previous blog, I thought it would be helpful to include a few tips that have really helped me in becoming a runner. So these tips will only pertain to running and what helped me throughout my training so far.

One blog I found that provides great tips for running is RUN To The Finish. One of her posts talks about training tips she wish you knew before her first half-marathon. What other perfect time for me to read this and post this than now??

Running a half marathon requires you to definitely slow down. In the next few weeks when I start my training, I will really have to focus on this tip. I am used to running 5k’s, so you can pick up your speed on those races since you don’t have as far to go. Speaking of 5k, I am getting ready to run one on February 7th, so I’m getting pretty pumped! Another tip I found on this blog was how to drink water during the half-marathon – which is something I have not thought of at all. I would have been the idiot trying to gulp down a full glass of water and spilling it everywhere!

iRunnerBlog had a great list of tips for training for any kind of run – from 5k to marathon. One of them I found interesting and that I agree with is taking your runs one day at a time. At the beginning of the week, that Monday run might seem difficult and will make you want to skip a day. But don’t do it, I promise you will feel so much better when you’re done!   I have had plenty of days where I want to skip my day of running, just because I’m not feeling well or if I am really busy. But as soon as I put my shoes on and start running, I thank myself every time, and you will too! So focus on the big picture, and every mile and workout is another step getting you closer.

I hope these tips that I have found helpful to me will also help you!


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