Cancer Freeze 5K Recap

My most recent race was a 5K in Florala, Alabama about two weeks ago. I finished with a new personal best time of 25:15, and I am very excited to share my race photos with you!

IMG_0701Everyone is getting very excited and anxious to start the race! The weather was perfect for a race – cool, but not too windy and chilly. Plus the sun was out for a great morning run.






The race course went around the beautiful Lake Jackson                                                                                  in Florala, which provided great scenery through the run.










The t-shirt is always an added bonus to every race!





Running with friends always helps with support and motivation during the race.






IMG_0706 Finishing the race is always a great moment to savor and be to be proud of. This was a very enjoyable race, with many supportive fans at the end cheering everyone on to finish. Also, there were many yummy foods for a post race snack, including bananas, oranges, grapes, and apples. The food is an important part for me and they definitely succeeded in this part.


Overall, this race was very fun and it was also for a great cause. This race was only one of the events that was held during the Cancer Freeze day. I enjoy races that have great causes such as this one, because I know the money raised will go to families and people who are battling and have battled cancer. It was an awesome experience and it was very fulfilling to know I supported such a great cause and had a great race! I would recommend this race to every runner out there!






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