My Next New Pair of Running Shoes

Which type of shoes to run in is always a major question for all runners. When I first started running, I got a pair of Brooks, which you can clearly see it’s about time for a new pair.


I always heard Brooks are a great pick for running shoes. And I have to agree because mine have lasted over a year now and are still holding up, even though they look pretty rough. There are plenty of different options to choose from depending on choice of support, lightness, and even whether you run more on pavement or on trails. Brooks has a five-question survey that will give you the best shoe picked for you to give you the best run possible.

Since I am getting ready to retire my Brooks, I wanted to look at a different brand of running shoes just to try. When I have been at races, I always look at others shoes to see what they are running in, and the shoes I found most popular other than Brooks are Asics, Saucony, Mizunos, and Nike.

I have a pair of the Nike Free 5.0’s and I love them, but I cannot run in them because they do not have enough support. I mainly wear them just for fashion or to the gym when I am going to be on the elliptical. These shoes could probably use a good cleaning too, since I have been wearing them for the past year!IMG_0813

So, to figure out which brand I want, I looked at some different websites to see what others thought was the best. Runner’s World listed a 2015 Spring Shoe Guide, which I found very helpful. The editor’s choice is the Saucony Triumph ISO, and the reviews were very helpful, describing the shoe as having comfort and also great support.

The price for this type of shoe is $150, which is about average, maybe a little over average. But most tips I found have always said to spend the extra money on shoes because you will definitely fell the difference in your runs.

I hope you have enjoyed my pictures and also my information that has helped me to decide on my next pair of running shoes!


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