Health Benefits of Running

I know I have been giving many tips about running like what shoes to wear, treadmill vs. outdoor running, and tips to stay motivated, just to name a few posts. But I have not covered the most important question: why should we run??

Other than the rewarding emotional benefits you receive from finishing your goals, running also comes along with many health benefits that I’ve noticed in my body over the past year. I thought I would share some of my favorite advantages that come from running that I found on my favorite running websites., one of my favorite running websites, listed a reason that has helped me – running helps lose weight. My freshman year of college definitely showed me it’s easy to gain weight – even with my cheerleading team working out twice a week. When I began to notice I gained about 7 or 8 pounds, I realized I needed to start something to help me lose a few pounds.

I quickly began to notice a difference in my weight – I dropped the unwanted pounds without changing almost anything to my diet. Running is an excellent and easy way to drop and maintain a certain weight limit. It is a fast way to burn off extra calories in a short amount of time, which makes it convenient for a busy schedule.

Another benefit for running that I found from is running reduces high blood pressure. Although I have never had high blood pressure, I can notice a change in my blood pressure and my breathing levels during my runs. My last few doctor trips in the past year have noted that I have excellent blood pressure, which has really encouraged me to keep running to maintain my health for future purposes.

This article explained that even though your blood pressure spikes while running, this should not be anything to worry about. It also mentioned that any type of aerobic exercise, including running, could lower the risk of not only high blood pressure, but also high cholesterol and diabetes.

Running can be very beneficial to your health, and it can also be very rewarding at the same time. There are plenty other benefits that running has to offer, and I suggest you look into them if you are considering to begin running or if you have been running for year. I hope you have enjoyed my favorite benefits!


Best Clothes to Run in for Warm Weather

With the weather finally starting to warm up here in south Alabama, I am super excited about continuing my half marathon training!! It is so much easier to run in warmer weather, because you do not have to worry about what certain layers to wear for those chilly winter days.

Running in warmer weather also helps to keep me motivated, because who doesn’t want to go out in this beautiful weather?? I

I am going to share what my favorite go-to styles are for warm weather running. It is so simple and easy to get your running outfit ready to go for the summertime.

My favorite shorts to run in are the Nike Tempo running shorts. I have way too many pairs of them, but they are so comfy and perfect for running. These shorts are not too tight and they have plenty of room for your legs to stretch during your run. I wear them all the time, whether it’s for my daily workout or for a lazy day when I don’t feel like dressing up.IMG_0853_2

When it comes to what top to wear, I don’t have one favorite brand preference. I also run in t-shirts some days and tank tops on other days. When the weather begins to get really hot in the summer, I prefer tank tops so I don’t have any extra fabric sticking to me. Old Navy has an Activewear brand that has the best tank tops. They are light, breezy, and usually pretty cheap! This tank is an Activewear top from Old Navy, and it is definitely one of my favorites!IMG_0856_2

On some of my running days, including race days, I like to wear hats occasionally, especially when the sun is super bright outside. It helps to provide coolness and shade.

It is important to make sure you are dressing appropriately according to the weather for your runs. The main goal is to be comfortable during your run, and having the wrong clothes on that makes you either too hot or too cold can make your run pretty miserable.

I hope these examples of running clothes for warm weather help you for your future runs!