JRN 4440/SP15

Reading Response: 8 Takeaways about Social Media and News

With the digital world evolving today, it is crucial for news organizations to keep up with the technology in order for their business to thrive. The latest way of having the easiest access to news today is through social media. The number of people having some form of social media is rapidly increasing every day, which gives news companies a great opportunity to insert their businesses into this new digital world. Although it is said that social media are becoming a recent news outlet, there are some social media sites that are more popular than others, which leads to more people viewing news on those certain social media sites. For example, Facebook reaches far more users than any other social media website. This allows Facebook to provide more outlets for news organizations to share news to the users. With Facebook reaching the highest number of users, three out of ten adults receive some type of news while on Facebook. This popular site will only continue to grow for news in my opinion because the amount of users for Facebook will only continue to grow which will in turn provide more viewers interested in news through this social media outlet. Another takeaway pertaining to Facebook and the news that I agree with is there is a broad range of news on Facebook. This is a positive aspect because users are open to all types of news and can easily stay informed at their fingertips. Entertainment news is at the top of the list of topics for news on Facebook, with people and events in my community and sports falling behind that. This allows viewers to be well rounded and well educated on all types of news on Facebook. I encourage Facebook users to stay activated with the many different topics of news on this site because it can only leave you with a better knowledge of various topics happening constantly in everyday life. There will always be news, and now that we have plunged deep into the digital world, it has made it so much easier to access news due to social media. This will help people stay informed and the public will become better educated with easy access to many different topics. Although Facebook is the most popular site as of today, I think other social media sites will grow even more, especially Twitter due to the news-friendly profiles that are already on that website. News on social media is just one of the ways our world is changing into the digital and technology era, and I believe there is much more to come in the next few years; we are only seeing the beginning of this “technology boom.”




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